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The Year That Was (Almost)

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10 days to go before Christmas. How time really flies. 17 days to go before 2013, and before I forget, I’d like to reminisce on the year that soon will be was.

2012 was very eventful and very blessed (though it might not manifest in this blog).

2012 was a year of endings and new beginnings. Major life decisions, purchases, career changes (not just for me) and yes thankfully progression. I shifted to just my second job this year, starting new relationships, exploring other investments.

Quarter-life at 25?

I encountered what may be called a quarter life crisis this year, a year of serious questioning: where I’m going, what I’ve reached in the past quarter century of living and 6 years of working? What do I want to do with my life? How I’m doing with regards to my timelines before settling down? A major life turn and assessment. Major decisions had to be made, bigger risks had to be taken.

Same Same

Some things never changed though. Still commute to work in spite of all the queues. (By the way I noticed MRT Cubao is getting worse and in the years ahead, it will surely worsen further if no corrective action is taken). Changed my job but still in the same field. I still feel though that long term employment is not for me. Still unable to find the business I’ll really be passionate about (6 years and counting). Some patch of land still left untoiled and unproductive. Impulse buys here and there.


Some things changed for the better. Better relationship, more acquaintances (which hopefully turn into friendships) from other fields and careers, better humble house, more movie and series collections, more diversified investments, more financially literate. Wider shoulders, slightly bigger muscles, and a lot bigger tummy. Hopefully better health and better financial standing for the rest of the year and for the years ahead. Better economy, better stock market. More friends getting married or giving birth. Am getting old! More friends finding careers elsewhere. More mature and patient? Yep, slight. More readers and followers!

Ever Present Challenges

But nature’s wrath, slowly intensifying. Getting stronger, bigger. And some friends had to leave a great global brand as it had to do some rightsizing. Realities of life ever present in spite of the highlights. Loss of loved ones and relatives and friends. Lots of decisions to make. Gets bigger as we get older.

Thank you Lord for 2012 and the rest of it. Thank you for carrying us through. I’m sure you still have a lot more blessings in store for us in 2013. Please always remind us that as we Ask, We Shall Receive.

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