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Juan Liners: Doing Small Things With Great Love (Mother Teresa)

Juan Liners: Doing Small Things With Great Love (Mother Teresa)
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Arguably one of the most influential persons of our time and yet very simple and full of humility. I can already guess she did not dare take much credit for any impact and change that was attributed to her.

Once more, this quote is one of those I first read on a bulletin board of quotes in school.

Here she say’s the things we do may be limited in size and scope, but it need not be limited in terms of substance and driving force within. Surely, for her, she doesn’t think she did wonders with great impact while she was still alive, lovingly serving and being one with the poor in her country. But undeniably, she did all this with great love, far greater than most of us can ever give.


It’s just inspiring and empowering how simple acts of love and kindness can have so much profound impact that lasts, much more impact compared to grand gestures and world-shaking ideas that only touch us temporarily. We need not look far if we want to reach far and achieve something, we just need great love in what we do.A challenge for all of us: Finding God in all things, He who is the Greatest Love of all.

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