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Open Thank You Letter to Faceless Nameless Generous People

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Was reminiscing the past few days on how things are very different now. For the better. Doing my own throwback maybe because I will be turning past quarter-of-a-century in a few days time.
Thank you Card by Jon Ashcroft, on Flickr
Funny memories especially during our years in Marikina City (lived there for 24 years, then Ondoy). We moved out in the quiet of the night (after weeks of house-hunting), and without much fuss, so there was really not much time to thank some nameless faceless individuals, to whom I’ll be forever grateful. So let me just thank them here through your site.


Thank you to our very understanding landlord (may he rest in peace) and eventually, our landlady (the daughter). For letting us stay in our rented space (~24sqm) for the past 24 years or so. Even with delayed rental payments (there was a time we were behind by 2-years worth of unpaid rent). And thank you for keeping the rent at Php550 through the years. I don’t think Juan will easily find such rental fee in Marikina. Imagine, Php550 rent and still we can’t pay for it? I know, crazy right? Thank you so much.


FoodThank you to my mother’s friend and kababayan, who allowed us to get viands and food on credit from her carinderia while my brother and I were still studying. She was generous enough to enable my family to eat three times a day even on credit, then mother and father will just pay during payday weekends. Then the same cycle in the weeks and years to come. Admittedly, Juan can get tired of the same old viands day in and day out, and if you eat from the same vendor 5-6 days a week, then there’s really not much choice but to repeat her menu of viands. But hey, better than salt and fish sauce on rice right? So thank you so much. And that’s the advantage of good credit standing I suppose. One can be a repeat client.

HaircutThis just happened once but still forever etched in my memory. Thank you to my suki barber in Marikina, who allowed me to get a haircut on credit, with mother’s promise to pay Php50 over the weekend. Imagine, Php50. I never imagined prior that even a haircut may be availed by credit. Or that I will be availing of one. I was still studying then, and you know it sometimes gets strict when it comes to haircut, especially during CAT days. I was even too shy to ask the barber, it was my mom who did. And thinking about it, made me admire my mom more for her cash flow management and negotiation skills.

EntertainmentThank you to our neighbor, who allowed us to watch their TV in their own living room. Our TV was damaged due to lightning when I was in Grade 6. It was only replaced when I was already working 8 years after. So in between, my brother and I watch in our neighbors’ from time to time. Funny to recall that we even open their closed door just to get inside their house and watch MTB (noontime show) and HBO movies. It’s not that they don’t want us inside that’s why the door is closed. They say we’re very much welcome, it’s just that their dog, Morlock, will go out, if they keep the door ajar. Reminiscing on that, I find it nakakahiya and nakakaiyak now, but if you were a child back then, and you don’t have your own TV at home, then the neighbor’s is probably a not so bad alternative. So naive. Haha! Oh and I get to read the daily newspaper (tabloid) too! Thanks to their cable TV and tabloid subscription. And thank you to them for being generous and understanding of us kids.


ShelterThank you to our other neighbor, my father’s friend, for letting us spend the night in their living room, while Ondoy is flooding our rented room. Admittedly, we are not among the hardest hit by Ondoy, water was chest-deep but most of our very few properties were not damaged. And the water subsided overnight. But still, we did not have relatives nearby, so the blessing of your roof for the night, and sharing sardines dinner with your family in a candle-lit night (very solemnly romantic), will never be forgotten. Thank you.

They are just some of the nameless faceless people who were there for us, who kept us afloat in the lowest moments of my life, of my family’s life. They have forever touched our lives. I know I was not able to show enough gratitude to you guys, and will never be able to repay what has been given. But thank you, and I’ll be forever grateful. God will be the one to repay you.

May God bless all of you a hundredfold. There are many many more not mentioned here I’m sure, but God knows who they are, and that we’re forever grateful.

And thank you God for these people. And thank you God for all the many many blessings you have given us and those to come. Someday, somehow, I hope to change somebody else’s life too (or lives), for the better and for good.
*Scholar’s Archives are preserve-memory posts of the contributing authors’ student and scholar days. They are about experiences in general as a scholar, as a student, while still studying in Ateneo in particular, and how wonderful and blessed those years were. Would like to share and reflect on the impact it has brought and continues to bring not just in our lives but in the lives of our scholar friends, our families and beyond. These are not meant to illicit pity from you dear reader, and definitely not meant to brag either. Rather, it hopes to inspire other people, somehow educate and encourage readers who can relate.


Experiences to reminisce, get more insights and more hindsight, after all, this is a site for every Juan.


Photo: “Thank You Card” by  Jon Ashcroft 

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