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Juan Liners: Real Wealth is Ability to Create Wealth

Juan Liners: Real Wealth is Ability to Create Wealth
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This is basically what Bo Sanchez preaches and promotes via Truly Rich Club. Being wealthy is not necessarily bad, the same thing that money is not the root of evil. What we do with the money we have and how we regard it, whether as our master, or our slave, is what determines whether it shall be good or bad for us. Being wealthy is not the end all and be all, but a start for greater things for others.

I do believe that God wants all of us to prosper and live abundant lives, here and in the after life. Seeing that this is not the case for most of our fellow Juan’s means that we have to do something about it. We have the opportunity and the capacity to be wealthy, for ourselves and others, and that’s our true gift from God. We have to embrace it, claim it, and work for it. Our family’s greater fortunes can start within our lifetime, with us.

Hopefully this site, together with Truly Rich Club, brings you closer to financial freedom.

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  1. Geri says:

    God bless you too. Love of money can be the root of all evil they say, but striving for a better life and financial independence is not love of money. It is love of a better life. God doesn't want us to suffer, that's for sure, instead, He wants us to use our talents and abilities to improve our lives. As Jesus said, He came here for us to have life, life to the fullest.

    Sadly though, even family members will not see it that way. Some are stuck with a small financial mindset, or a poverty mindset, content with what we have now. But if you believe in your heart that God has a lot of big things in store for you, and your heart tells you it's for good and not for greed, then go for it. Add, multiply and increase your wealth, then divide and share.

  2. Tating Jayme Garces says:

    thsnks for this! iv been having a hard time with 'the love of money blah, blah, blah' for a long time timd now (peoplr think and say im mukhang pera just bcoz i am particular with money and makes efforts to make anak any money i can put my hands on to make anak before spending it, and that im kontrabida when i protest about the family's mindless spending sprees for things that we can survive by without. (sigh of relief). i hope i can get people to read this for them to understand the bottomlines why i have come to 'get obssessed' with money. it hurts to think that they see as evil. truth is, we still owe landlords for rent when we used to live renting houses at different locations and nakitira at my mum's sister's and with my mum (til present) when we have 3 kids and our eldest is gonna be 20 yrs old this year. we also have accounts due for chattel mortgages that i have been playing hide and seek for years now. i strive for financial frerdom to make things right, for our kids, and security when we get older. God bless po.

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