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Social Networks vs Important Connections in Life

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I chanced upon your old post entitled Social Networks and the Important Connections in Life. I must say I was able to relate to it. I used to.

There was a phase in my life when I also thought of it: that I don’t know anyone. I don’t have significant connections in life that may come in handy in times of need. Sure I had friends but professional people who can assist me when necessary, nada.

3D Social Networking by, on Flickr

That was then. I’m happy to say it has improved now.

I guess it also comes with age. I was a fresh graduate back then when I realized I don’t have significant connections. Most people I knew where teachers and students and employees in school’s back offices. Maybe these connections will come in handy once I transact with schools again (for my future kids).

As we get older, some classmates and friends become professionals, like accountants, doctors, lawyers, bankers. teachers (again), IT experts, engineers, stock brokers, real estate brokers, insurance brokers, flight attendants, people who know farmlands for sale, farmers and livestock raisers, car enthusiasts etc. As we grow older, we get to know more people who can be reliable sources in their respective fields.

I’m also getting married, so at least now, I know a handful of caterers, lights and sounds people, videographers, an emcee, contacts to some churches, choirs, florists etc. They’re not necessarily my friends but at least I have a place to start from in case of need. I also know of some couples who are in the apostolate of marriage and couples counselling, on pre-marriage seminars in case you need them.

I’m also marrying a woman from a family of policemen. So I also know a handful of policemen and women.

The social media, Facebook and Twitter has also made it easier for us to connect to other people. Again, they may not necessarily be our friends, but that’s a good place to start searching. Then perhaps develop a more personal relationship later on.

Undeniably, some church groups also have the luxury of being better connected, as if after every mass, there is a networking and cocktails that is happening. Where people from all walks of life converge, and trade each other’s contact numbers, ready to help one another as a community.

I wish Catholic masses are also like that. I guess I have to give my self more time to form more connections, and expose my self more to other fields to gain such.

Photo: 3D Social Networking (CC BY 2.0) by 


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