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I Am Destined For Something Greater

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Just let me blurt this out here. Semi-privately.

I may be small. But I have a big part to play.
In my heart of hearts and in the corners of my mind, I feel and believe that I am indeed destined for greater things. Modesty aside.
Who planted it there, maybe God? What those greater things are, I have yet to find out. And I’m yearning to find out.
I would say I’ve had many good breaks in life, since grade school and I’m thankful that as years go on, life becomes better bit by bit, or at times by leaps and bounds. I feel very blessed, together with my friends, we are more blessed than many people I’ve encountered. Sometimes I feel I don’t deserve all of it since I can’t seem to maximize and share it. Blessings overflow hence it must be that it’s not just for me and my family. It never was.
I say to my self that it can’t be just this, there must be a greater purpose why I’m getting these good breaks, these big blessings. I pray that I figure out soon. I just hope that I live up to that greater destiny. To that Greater Purpose. As they say, God does not call the qualified (in our worldy standards). He qualifies the called (in His standards).
How about you? Do you also feel that you’ve had too much graces and blessings to the point that you ask yourself: it can’t be that these are all for me. God must be wanting to have these blessings trickle down to the rest of my neighbors. The cheesy word for it is LOVE.
Of if you’re one who feels that you’ve caught too much misfortunes and bad breaks, and that Murphy’s Laws very much apply to you, don’t despair. There must be greater things ahead, and likely just around the corner for you. Must be. Should be. It can’t be purely bad breaks for you. Learn from them while waiting. HOPE. There always is. Laging meron.
As they say, “luck is the offspring of preparedness and opportunity.” So have both.
Remember Jamal Malik in Slumdog Millionaire and Pi in Life of Pi. Again, as they say, “it’s darkest just before dawn.” And it’s scientific too since it’s the farthest we are from the Sun in terms of Earth’s rotation. It’s the peak distance and a few moments later, dawn and a new day begins.
The glory of God is man fully alive. Keep on planting. Harvest is coming.
*Scholar’s Archives are preserve-memory posts of the contributing authors’ student and scholar days. They are about experiences in general as a scholar, as a student, while still studying in Ateneo in particular, and how wonderful and blessed those years were. Would like to share and reflect on the impact it has brought and continues to bring not just in our lives but in the lives of our scholar friends, our families and beyond. These are not meant to illicit pity from you dear reader, and definitely not meant to brag either. Rather, it hopes to inspire other people, somehow educate and encourage readers who can relate.


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    This is touching and inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

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