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MRT Shutdown Earlier

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MRT had to shutdown its operations earlier today, around 6am, due to a crack discovered in the railway somewhere near Guadalupe. Southbound trains can only go as far as Shaw Blvd. The rest of the stations were technically unpassable, for safety purposes. People lined up all along EDSA, waiting for buses that still had available seats and space. Talk about timing. 6am on a Tuesday. Rush hour.

We’ve already established the fact that transportation is a vital cog in our economic machinery. Much more a mass transport system which is economical, fast and can carry hundreds of thousands of people, such as the MRT. Yes MRT, like it or not, you are very important.

Am not blaming anyone for what happened this morning, but we should be cognizant of the implications of what happened. Thousands of people were affected one way or another. Productivity of our economy and our lives suffered. Less MRT revenues, yes more bus revenues but more traffic congestion as well. Unfortunate victims had no available rides on their way to school, to work, to home.

People got late (like me). People had to spend more in terms of time, fare, deducted wages due to tardiness, etc. Meetings had to be rescheduled, employees had to make up by leaving work today a little later than usual. Students were late for class, maybe missed a quiz, had less time for the exam, etc. People got stressed, drained, haggard with the unusual struggles of this morning’s commuting.

Hopefully there were no life and death situations that got affected. Or make-or-break situations. Someone missed a final job interview? A big deal had to be postponed costing unforeseen expenses? A parent did not get home on time? Someone missed an important event? Missed a flight? Who knows?

Not sure about other countries, but here in the Philippines, there’s lots of concentration risks. Very limited to no options and alternatives available. If not EDSA, then C5 or somewhere in Manila. If not crowded MRT, then traffic EDSA. Unless of course I work somewhere North. Very few alternatives, very poor alternatives.

Maybe we can just try to find comfort in God’s plan for all of us, with the faith that God’s timing is perfect, never late, never delayed (no matter how we think it is). And that His plans for our day and for our future, is always a lot better, than our plan for ourselves.
Something to think about while you’re stuck in EDSA traffic homebound.
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