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PSE Extended Trading Hours Phase 2

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Effective 02Jan12, PSE launched Phase 2 of its extended trading hours, which effectively extended PSE trading hours until 3:30p.m.

Last October, PSE launched Phase 1 of the trading hours extension, as it moved the closing of the stock market from 12nn to 1pm. The Phase 2 extends trading time further until 3:30pm, with a market recess scheduled every 12noon to 1:30pm.

Again, these movements by the PSE are meant to give stock market players more time to trade, more time to hopefully digest market information and disclosures (over lunch hehe), and also to align with the stock trading schedules of our South East Asian neighbors, with the longer term goal of sharing trading platforms with them. The shared trading platforms is expected within 1H12.

Of course with increased trading time, more transactions may be executed which should be beneficial to PSE revenues in terms of fees income.

Admittedly, the longer trading hours will take some time of getting used to, but hopefully we get to maximise the more hours given to us to execute our trading strategies. The recess in between will be helpful as well to give us some time away from the market, clear our minds and be ready for the rest of the trading day.

I wish though that this will not ruin our lunch appetites!

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