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Holidays are Over. Back to Reality

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Just like that, the most anticipated holidays of the year – Christmas and New Year, are over.

Pardon me for being kill joy, I know Filipino Christmas celebration still goes on until Three Kings. As we claim it, the longest Christmas celebration in the world. And hey, we still have Chinese New Year in three weeks time to formally usher in the Year of the Dragon. Well you can say these but for me the festive mood has started to wear off. Back to reality. Whether I like it or not.

Back to this sad glum reality. We wait another 357 days or so for another Christmas. They say we should strive to make everyday Christmas day. Easier said than done. The feeling is still different when the whole world celebrates Christmas and New Year with you compared to trying by your lonesome to make an ordinary day feel like Christmas day. In search of reasons to celebrate. Maybe I’m having some sort of holiday-withdrawal symptoms.

Being happy is a choice. Trite but true. We cannot rely on other people or external events to make us happy. Ultimately it should come from within. True. But another side of that truth is that it is far more easy to be happy when you have people and events as reasons to be happy. And the fact is Christmas and New Year are two convenient reasons to be happy, to celebrate.

And now that these two are done and gone, we need to find other reasons to be happy. As a colleague once said, the challenge is to look for something to look forward to everyday so that every day is not so much of a struggle and a drag, but something light and anticipated. And as Bo Sanchez said, our blessings, the things to be thankful for, outnumber our problems. We just feel that we have more problems than blessings because we count and analyze our problems daily, but our blessings we leave on the side.

Now that Christmas and New Year are gone, we need the extra effort to find reasons to be happy, to be thankful, to celebrate. Let us start by celebrating the fact that we are still alive. And that we have internet connection to read this blog. And so on. And let us stop counting our problems. Let us not just count the days until the next Christmas, but let us count our daily blessings.

If we count these reasons to be thankful and happy, for sure we will never run out of days without reasons. For sure it will last us way past the next Christmas.

All we need is the proper attitude for that extra effort. Who knows, if we get the hang of it, it becomes easy like a habit. Easier said than done? Yes, but it can be done. As Barack says, Yes we can.

Enjoy the celebration of 2012!

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