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Long ATM Lines on Bonifacio Day Payday

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Today is Bonifacio Day. Payday holiday. Month-end. For sure ATMs are working overtime during this holiday. Blockbuster ATM lines almost everywhere, even the not-so-famous bank ATMs have lines of people needing to withdraw their hard-earned money. I am actually writing this post while falling in line to an ATM. Well, I stayed on the line until the ATM ran out of money to dispense. Grrr!

Banks should have fully-loaded their respective ATMs with money. Just like they usually do on long weekends, especially long weekends that fall on paydays. I am not sure though if they did the same preparations for today. But I’m inclined to think that they did not.

They might say, well it’s just one day. Yes, they’re right, it’s just one day, but this day is a payday holiday. Payday. Holiday. Last day of November and any minute now Christmas shopping goes on full swing. And if there are no monies in ATM, the people suffer. And to add the long queues! And take note dear bank, that is OUR money, not yours.

Do we have any alternatives? Use our credit cards? But not all stores accept credit cards! As one card association puts it, there are things money can’t buy…. Well I say there are more things that credit cards can’t buy, especially here in the Philippines!
Sometimes, it actually makes me wonder if certain banks deliberately let their ATMs run out of cash so that customers will use their credit cards instead. What do you think? If you’re a depositor in a certain bank, then the chances that you also have a credit card with that bank is not negligible. Conspiracy theory? Hehe.

Today is Bonifacio Day. Unlike Rizal Day when we commemorate Rizal’s heroic death every Dec30th, during Bonifacio Day, we actually remember today Andres Bonifacio’s birthday, not the day of his heroic death. Why is that? Well high school and college history tells us that Bonifacio died in the hands or orders of another Filipino whose surname is also the same term we use for Christmas monetary gift. Whether the order was justified or not is another discussion altogether.

Of course this  piece of history is not always taught in grade school history (at least during my time) since this might be too mature of a content for young students. Their ideals of heroes might be tarnished with this.

But high school and college students are considered old enough to handle such realities of life, politics and the dark sides of Philippine history. Besides, modern history and current events will show us that Filipinos killing Filipinos is not a new thing. Betrayal. Political killings. Ninoy’s death was just highlighted I suppose because Filipinos are more patriotic and less indifferent nowadays, and because of media as well. Bonifacio’s death meanwhile was most likely edited out of some history books.
In fact, it is sad to note that most of us have lots of misconcenptions about Bonifacio’s life. Let us start with what he wore during the revolution (red pants?!? C’mon!). Also, his socio-economic standing, educational attainment, etc. Quite sad that history books did not educate us much into these things.

When is Aguinaldo Day by the way?
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