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Dream Job: Movie Trailer Maker

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It’s been a while since I last watched a movie in a cinema. Was fortunate enough to find time to watch Real Steel during the long weekend, and it was a real deal! Loved the movie. Anyway, I make it a point to arrive early in cinemas to be able to watch trailers of upcoming movies that are shown prior to the actual movie I’m supposed to watch. Likewise, when there are upcoming movies that I like, I usually watch the series of trailers released on YouTube. And every time I watch quality trailers, it never fails to excite me and make me curious, makes me look forward to the actual movie (which is the purpose of the trailer right?)

This usual experience made me realize that I want to try becoming a movie trailer maker someday. I don’t know what these guys are actually called but movie trailer maker sounds appealing enough and easy to understand for me. I like the fact that these guys cut and paste scenes and clips from the actual movie that are actually not much related to each other (you realize this on hindsight, after watching the whole film). Anyway, they cut and paste not necessarily related scenes and come up with a dramatic build-up, an enticing montage that gives viewers a glimpse of the story, and lets viewers try to fill-in the gap. The trailer, when effective, leaves viewers with an insatiable longing and void, that will only be satisfied and filled by watching the actual movie.

Well not that dramatic you might say but you get the point. And one more thing, I’m sure you’ve had this experience wherein the trailer was really nice, enticing, creative and gives you the build-up, only to find out that the actual movie sucks (again you find this on hindsight after watching the movie). Right? I’m sure you’ve had those instances. Sure the movie failed to deliver and in your disappointment you might remember the director, producer and actors, but the trailer maker surely did the job well since it lured viewers into watching it. And you’re probably not going to know who the trailer maker was.

On the other hand, I’ve also seen poorly done trailers but I don’t think it turns-off a lot of people, especially if the movie is really well known (for example, a Batman trailer blows, but since it’s Batman, people are still likely to watch it). But if it’s a not so famous and mainstream movie, then the trailer will be the one to lure movie viewers.

I’m sure the job is less technical than movie-making itself since the clips to be used are already there, one just has to arrange it in an enticing manner that attracts curiosity and interest. Not necessarily in chronological or related sequence, but in a sequence that creates the most drama and build-up.

Maybe I can start with Windows Movie Maker?

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