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No Roundtrip, Yellow Boys from DOTC, Lost in MRT Station(3-min read)

 Is it true? Roundtrip or turnback in MRT North Avenue station is no longer allowed? It says in a signage in Cubao station that they will ask you to get off the train, exit the turnstiles and enter again with the mob, if you wish ride the southbound trains. But why? Do we already have sufficient trains to discourage roundtrips and turnbacks? I haven’t checked though in North Ave station. I don’t want to risk it. Ever since I read that sign, I no longer do roundtrips and just slug it out with the Cubao mob.


What’s up with the yellow boys of DOTC in MRT Cubao station? They ask people waiting in platforms to fall in 2 lines, to put some sense of order in the boarding process. Well yeah, this should make the lines and the boarding orderly, less pushing and shoving and scrambling. But we also miss out on the collective effort and pushing, the force necessary to cram ourselves in the already crowded train. The lines will only enable 2 passengers at a time to board, and there will be no one to push us and assist us as we try to go inside. And if the ones ahead of the line are choosy and picky, they won’t board the trains even if there is still some space, which could be acceptable and bearable enough for someone lined up behind them. Well just thinking…
Funny as well to think that we need the yellow boys just to make us fall in line properly. Hay Pinoy! I hope we’re not spending extra taxpayers money to pay these yellow boys whose job is to make us fall in line. Appreciate it, nonetheless.

It amazes me daily to find lost passengers and commuters in the MRT stations. By lost, I mean it seems that it is their first time to ride the MRT. And it shows that they are not aware of the usual scenarios and unwritten rules in MRT stations, such as:

1.Stop Entry: Some people are simply caught unawares of the stop entry, either they bypass the long line but the guards figure out they’re southbound pala, OR they line up with the southbound commuters stuck outside the stations, only to find out that northbound commuters may actually go inside even if southbound is stop entry.
2. Wrong Line: People line up to turnstiles (it goes without saying that lines are long) only to realize eventually that the lines they are into are for those with tickets already, and they should have lined up to ticket booths to buy their tickets first. What a waste of time for them! Or vise versa. Because of ignorance, they unnecessarily lined up twice and wasted their time. And the line space could have been ours!

If it is not too much to ask, kindly do a bit of research or ask around before you line up. So that you don’t get lost along the way, especially in rush hours when everybody is in a hurry. Also, it makes me curious why people still get lost in the unwritten MRT practices. If they are first timers, that’s forgivable. But if they’re just plain indifferent and unobservant, then that’s something that must be corrected.

PS. If we get more and more first timers in MRT, does that mean more and more people choose to ride the MRT than ride the vehicles crawling in EDSA? Is this due to high gas prices, heavy traffic or both? Either way, I hope DOTC has plans in place to increase MRT capacity.
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