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Free Japan Round Trip Tickets: Write About Japan After the Visit

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Heard and read from the news today that Japan plans to offer 10,000 free round trip tickets to revive its tourism. The catch: you need to publicize your visit by writing about it in social media and blogs (plus of course you spend for your accommodation and other expenses while your there. Still, not bad right?

I want! How do I join?

Well upon further reading, I found out that they shall be setting up a website where applicants can send in their intentions to visit Japan, that is if lawmakers will approve the funding of this initiative, which is estimated at 1 Billion Yen. Should the proposal be approved, targeted start of applications is by April 2012.

The intention is really to lure influential and widely-followed bloggers, online writers and users of social media to visit Japan, experience the safety and beauty of the recovering country, and write and promote it online for the world to see.

Well I don’t think I am an influential blogger at this point but I’m very much willing to grab the chance and very much willing to write my experiences in Japan, if ever! Haha!

After the historical earthquake and tsunami, tourist arrivals have dropped significantly in Japan. And given the requested budget for this, I’m sure the Japanese agency estimates that they actually stand to earn more in the long run should they make this one time investment.

This also shows that Japan is dead serious in reviving not just their tourism but their economy as well. And this initiative, once approved, is one testament of how they want to rebuild the “Japan brand” for the rest of the world to see. I have no doubts that the country will be able to bounce back, just like how they did it after the world wars. It’s just a matter of time.

PS. I know a bit of Japanese! Ogenki desu ka? Will that be an edge?


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