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MRT Station Quick Facts: North Ave to Cubao

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Every MRT station has its own stories to tell, its own features to boast of, or perhaps the lack of it to be ashamed of. Every MRT rider would probably have his/her favorite station based on daily commuting, and also the hatest station. As for me, just allow me to share my thoughts on each MRT station. Share me yours! 

North Ave: The source of all trains, where the trains’ hub / parking lot is located. Directly exits to Trinoma which is both a plus to MRT and Trinoma. Leads you near SM North Edsa as well. Favorite of roundtrippers and turnbackers, one can just cross the hidden underpass at the end of the northbound platform, so that one can transfer to southbound without exiting the station. Very toxic though if one is entering through the southbound gates. The longest MRT lines I’ve seen on a rush hour morning, reaching the sidewalks of EDSA and 3-floors worth of warm bodies ahead of the line. So best combination will be enter the station from northbound gates, then just cross to southbound via the underpass.

Quezon Ave: Not much experience with this station really. All I know is that it leads you to Quezon Avenue downstairs and the Eton Centris. I guess it’s also nearer if you get off at this train station, should your destination be somewhere near the Sanctuarium or ABS-CBN. This is probably the best station to come from if you are roundtripping to North station. To get to other side, I am not sure but I think one needs to exit the station, cross the ‘third floor’ overpass, then enter again on the other side.

Kamuning-GMA: If you’re going to audition in GMA or you need to have a barong/long sleeves tailored for you in Kamuning Public Market, then this is the station for you. There are also a number of provincial bus stations in this area. Aside from that, not much experience from this station. To get to other side, I am not sure but I think one needs to exit the station, cross the ‘third floor’ overpass, then enter again on the other side.

Cubao: My personal favorite, one of the biggest MRT stations I have seen in terms of queueing area for ticket booths and turnstiles. The station is also designed such that you can switch lanes (SB to NB v.v.) without exiting the station, you just need to go a floor below the platforms.The station leads you to Farmer’s Mall, Araneta Center, and a bit further will be Gateway and SM Cubao. Considered a central terminal because it has a link to LRT2 which has a station in Gateway, plus a lot of provincial bus stations along EDSA-Cubao and Ali Mall. Lots of food cart businesses on the queueing area, lots of ATMs too. Commuter volume is very heavy and toxic though during rush hours. In the mornings, regular trains reach Cubao fully loaded already coming from the first 3 stations. As such, stop entry and roundtrippers are usual occurrences in Cubao.

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