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Is There Broadband Internet Signal in Montalban (Rodriguez) Rizal?

What Is SMART's Freedom Plan?
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 It’s official. There is Smart Broadband signal in Montalban Rizal, particularly in San Rafael, San Isidro areas. I’m connected right now as I write this. I’m posting this to help people who are considering getting internet connections for their homes. Not to bash any other telco.

Was a bit disappointed back then when I was searching for information on whether there is internet signal in Montalban. Tried contacting the telcos, some were honest while some still wanted to give it a shot (try the connection) since as call agents, they are not really sure.  But their spiels told them so.

Further, the reader that I am, I wanted to get second hand information from the public, as I believe advise from service providers are not always objective, they may be biased at times. Yes I saw a few forums dated 2009 and older, but there was none that explicitly says and confirms that there is. Just a few complaints and some quick fix tips. 
So I hope future searchees will get to read this post. Both Smart’s Canopy and Pocket Wifi provide good signals, at least in my area of residence (message me for more details). I also tried Sun MyWifi (cheapest unlimited internet), but as of Jul11 there is no signal from our home. Sad to miss that bargain. I did not bother to try Globe Tattoo (anyone willing to offer me free trial?) anymore since cellphone signal in our area, to begin with, is already non-existent (since I got here back in 2010).
Note though that cellphone signal is not the same as broadband signal. That’s what I got from reading, and as confirmed by Smart Wireless Network as well. But having said that, a simpleton like me will think that cellphone signal coverage will be wider and more extensive than broadband internet coverage. Am I right to assume that? 

So through a simple x+y, I did not try Globe Tattoo anymore. Sun cellphone signal in our area is already weak (1-2 bars out of 4), and as mentioned before, internet signal is nada. Smart’s signal is very strong, both broadband and cellphone.
Speed test? I’m not a techy guy, so just try this website. But for me, the connection is decent and fast enough. Have yet to make me impatient yet.
Disclaimer: Feedback above is from personal experience only, so just 1 person, so the assessment may not be statistically significant, if that’s what you’re looking for. You might want to consider running a survey (sarcastic here). Again, just one person. I wrote this more to give concrete feedback out there, since upon my search in the web, I did not find any explicit answer.
PS. Special thanks to Smart Cares in FB. You we’re really very helpful. Not sure if you’re the official FB page of Smart, but you gave me good service nonetheless, even if I’m not yet an existing customer. (Back then!)

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  1. Geri says:

    Thanks for the feedback. Ours is still okay but admittedly not as fast as we want it to be. Have you tried other providers which could have better signals in our area?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Mababadtrip ka lang sa SMART…di mo magagamit ng maayos sa Greenbreeze..sayang lang un broadband ko ;( …

  3. Geri says:

    Depende rin sa location mo yan sa San Isidro. Sa may Eastwood okay naman ang Smart Bro and PLDT Ultera since may cell sites sila dito. Yung mobile internet naman ng Smart minsan ok minsan mahina.

  4. Anonymous says:

    any update kung anong magandang internet na meron sa san isidro? thanks. may signal ang Smart nagagamit ko ang mobile net pero napakahina ng net and dapat nsa labas ka pa., kya itatry ko kung merong net ang smartbro.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ay nku! May smartbro 4g zte po ako hindi ko mpkinababgan ng maayos dahil wlang gaanong signal 1-2 bars lang ang nkkta sa bro ko, sana lang magdagdag ng mga smart cell site d2 sa san isidro montalban rizal para magamit ko itong smartbro ko.

  6. Geri says:

    Yan ba yung plug it or yung may antenna sa bubong? Upgraded mine to PLDT Home Ultera and ok naman signal. Dito kami sa Eastwood.

  7. Geri says:

    Hi guys. Actually lately I have been having problems with my Smart Bro connections too, especially at night. Have you tried other alternatives?

    Like Globe and Sun, have they improved their connection already? I would think Smart's cell sites are getting crowded already, but given our location (Montalban), it's a reality that we're very far from their focus right now

  8. Anonymous says:

    It's not a good connection. Can you recommend a good provider? Thanks.

  9. joevad olvi says:

    i don't think so… smart is not good enough here in montalban…. you know why!? as i observe thus clients of smart canopy subscribers i always found out that so many of client has a complain regarding to the services of smart… and note this… 1 pc has 0.20 mbps only… that has the plan of 999/month… without sharing of internet from other computers… is that fair enough to you!?…

  10. pen_name says:

    Thanks din for the comment Montalbena! Happy internet!

  11. montalbena says:


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