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Why I Read and Why You Should: Reading Can Change Lives

Ikigai: Reason for Being
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I prefer to learn by reading, more than I prefer asking questions. Chances are I’ll read first, search on my own in the web, before I ask others for help. I guess that’s just my way of trying to be independent.

I also love to read a lot, news, web articles, comics, books, even wikipedia. Not the nerd type, a bit of anti-social I suppose, but that has been my style since.

Google has been a friend to me since if I want to know anything (how this works and that, where is this and that), I do my due diligence and research first. And in case I need to ask further questions from subject matter experts, at least I come to them with a background, with some bullets to fire.
So if you’re blessed with internet connection, read up! Also, read books, magazines, the news! This is part of being connected to the ever changing world, to the millions of information generated every second. Just be choosy with your sources. Not everything you read is true.
Filipinos love to read in general too. Newspapers, internet, books, etc. That’s why there are lot of forums out there. I think we are resourceful that way. We read-up and research. Some Filipinos though, need to channel their reading time to reading more substantial material, instead of spending too much time reading tabloid chismis and pocketbooks.
I see a lot of commuters who read while waiting or while seating in the MRT or bus or jeepney. I also see ads in QC saying “pag(b)asa” which connotes that there is hope in reading. I agree with this and I admire them. 
Nourishing the habit of reading, especially to our young ones is important because through reading, we get to learn a lot, no matter if what we read is academic, fictional or leisurely. And through reading, we are influenced and formed, we get to form our own thoughts, our own worlds, our own  being.

PS. If we have you books that you no longer use, but still in good readable condition, donate them to those who need books, to charity, to children. You’ll never know how many lives that book will actually touch and be changed forever.

PSS. One of my simple and personal goals is to build a library at home. And this goal is still on!

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