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More Impatient with More Speed in Life

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We are living in a very fast-paced life. The advancements in technology have been giving us more and more services and access to information in less and less time. Almost everything can be done in an instant now (how about getting rich?) But it’s not just time spent for things that gets shortened, but our patience as well. Should we find this surprising?
I remember my Philo teacher (again) who once said that “our lives have become fast-paced and more instant than ever, and yet we have become more and more impatient as well”.
Almost everything in our life in fast-paced and instant now. Before we only had typewriters, airmails and snail mails, real nilagang baka and chicken soup that took hours to cook. Now we already have laptops, computers, mobile phones, tablets and other devices with office applications, text messaging, telephone and video conferences, and instant noodles (still prefer the real nilaga though).

We were used to watching delayed telecasts and replays and recording since we did not have the capability back then to watch live videos, no live streaming available back then. Now we watch shows live (on HD!), on live streaming, and any new video easily gets uploaded and viewed by thousands per second on YouTube.

Before we had to develop pictures from films and send them via air mail to share with friends and relatives. Now, no need to print, we just upload and tag via Facebook or share via Multiply. Before we had to print announcements and post it in a common bulletin board so that concerned individuals can drop by and read the message. Now, it’s just a few types and clicks on Facebook and Twitter and it will not take long before thousands are able to read it and disseminate it further. No more long lines to photocopy readings, just send them via e-mail to e-groups, or download the readings via secured URLs and sites.

Life for us is much quicker now, more instant. We have easy access to almost anything. But it seems that our patience has also quickened, shortened. Before, we had the patience to wait in line, wait for hours for our girlfriend under a mango tree, wait for weeks for mails to arrive, go through the motions and endure the process before getting what we want. But now, we are so impatient with very slow internet connections, slow downloading of files, weak telco signals and congested lines. Since we have tasted the convenience brought by technology, we are no longer satisfied with the slow long process. In fact, we feel that we deserve the fastest quickest service out there. Nothing less. Ever upgrading.

We have grown to enjoy this fast-paced power of information in our fingertips and we thirst for more. We hate the technologically-behind life, or any signs of going back to it. How much more will we thirst for powers beyond technology and speed? Is this thirst unquenchable, insatiable too?
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