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Filipinos’ Sense of Entitlement Is Twisted

Filipinos' Sense of Entitlement Is Twisted
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Pardon me but I can’t help but write (or rather rant) about this. 

Filipinos (including me) or maybe humans in general, have at times what I call a twisted sense of entitlement

What do I mean by this? For me, a twisted sense of entitlement means expecting and settling for less than what we deserve at times while expecting and demanding for more than what we deserve at times.

Is this just compromise? Are we, being a non-confrontational race, allowing others to demand from us more than what is right, or to give to us less than what is right?

Case in point will be the squatters whose houses are getting demolished. There are some of them who actually demand from the government that the piece of land they are squatting on be given to them, even if it is private property to begin with. Well yes we deserve better housing programs from the government, but it does not mean that squatting in an area for x+y years will make one a rightful owner of the land.

Another case will be the numerous corruption allegations to our government officials. What happened to those? Will a simple sorry pacify us? Sure we more than deserve an apology, but is that it? Have we grown tired to fight for more? For justice?

This irritating neighbor of mine who does not want to pay his homeowners association dues, claiming that he does not trust the association to handle such amount of money. Hello? Then why live in a subdivision? Why not go back to Tondo where you came from? And if you don’t trust the officers, why not attend homeowners meetings and vote during associations elections or run for a position yourself? Instead he’ll say remove the guards, I don’t need to pay for them. Remove the street lights, I have my own outside lights. Hello again? Do you think the guards can choose not to guard your house but still guard others’? You think removing street lights will only affect your house? Crazy right!

Another neighbor issue is on their late night sing alongs. Fine, they work in a bar as singers, and fine they are entitled to have fun and sing and party. Fine, I’ll even give them the entitlement to do that every weekend, with all their loud singing and shouting (some neighbors won’t!). But please, not until the wee hours of the morning! Can you be sensitive enough, and think of the rest of you neighborhood who are trying to sleep?

We tend to ask for more at the wrong instances, and settle for less again at the wrong instances. Twisted. Or maybe just tired? Or afraid to confront others?

Photo: “Confused” by Petras Gagilas

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