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Best Philippine TV Commercials

Good Read: Good to Great by Jim Collins
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I’m a fan of quality TV commercials. I hope to see more of them in the coming years. And somehow, somewhere, I hope we as consumers get to inspire and challenge the advertising companies to continuously produce outstanding quality ads. Here are a few TV ads which for me exhibits the quality and creativity we deserve as viewers and consumers. I did this without research so just reminisce with me.

McDonald’s has proven time and again that they have great concepts and an excellent ad agency as a partner. I started noticing their ads with Lolo, Karen and Gina, and the ‘pa-burger ka naman’ (cheeseburger) campaign. Mind you, in their AFS it says that the cheeseburger campaign was actually successful in raking in more sales. Also, the talking wallet ready to take a hot officemate on a McDo lunch date! Then go to the more recent ones: the what-might-have-been love story trademarked with sundae-dipped fries (reminiscent of first loves that did not materialise, you should try the sundae-dipped fries though), the controversial kids taking puppy love to a higher level with a girlfriend who just wants fries. And of course their fixed rate deliveries featuring a terror chef and a tough disciplined commander ordering his troop to lunch.

PSBank’s Simple lang also has its shares of witty commercials. From vanishing cars driven by a hot guy, and another version featuring Venus Raj; to a carried-away husband and wife who almost danced into the balcony of a house not (yet) their own until their son gave them a reality check (Eh di bilhin na natin, their kid says) and the more recent one exploring what might have been if their Debit Mastercard was a person, with John Lloyd personifying it. I wonder now how these ads reflected into their loan sales and receivables. A good job nonetheless. Definitely good consumer recall.

Not really a beer fan but I just need to let this out lest I forget. Remember the ad where San Miguel Beer Pale Pilsen is being poured into a beer mug (?). Then a caption saying Sinisigurado namin na mapapainom kayo bago matapos ang commercial na ‘to. Plain. Simple. Effective. I definitely prefer it over commercials with thrown / flying bodies after sipping their beer. But hey, they’re sister brands nga pala.

Nestea Iced Tea’s series actually started out with a blast, featuring the life of a broken-hearted teenager named Mikos(?) and his very supportive family led by his mom whose main role is to serve iced tea. The first few versions with Matina were interesting and intriguing but I find the latest version a bit of a stretch already, the one featuring 4 new flavors and Matina’s younger sister. Lately, I haven’t seen any new version, so I hope they’ve decided to change plots altogether. Or maybe since it’s rainy season already.

Nestle’s 100 years commercial was a tear-jerker, chronicling the life of a young boy and girl and how they grew up as husband and wife leading to old lolo and lola (still filled with love nonetheless) watching their grandaughter with joy, pride and tears (and of course with Nestle). Can’t recall other commercials for the Nestle group but this one certainly left a mark for their centennial anniversary.

Nescafe’s Para Kanino Ka Bumabangon series is also effective and inspiring, especially during Monday mornings. Hehe. So kudos to Nestle group’s ad agencies!

And of course, who can forget Coca Cola? A Pinoy favorite that has been there generations before I was born. The few commercials I can recall without research features Niki Gil (this definitely launched her TV career) handling Coke while singing; the Coke Zero series with talking mermaids (Coke with no sugar? Impossible?), the commercial with table-tapping while singing a jingle (that was a craze nationwide), the simple commercial featuring bottles, cans and crowns (para sa bayan, sa nag-iisa, sa pumipili, etc), the hot angel who went down from the heavens to drink coke with a still transforming devil (perks of being human? Haha) and of course one of my all time favorites, giving me goosebumps and signaling the start of Christmas season: the Coke trucks and Santa with the trademark jingle “Holidays are coming, Holidays are coming.” See? They even made us believe that Santa drinks Coke. The red and white trademarks match I suppose.

As I’ve said, I love quality commercials. TV ads that need not bash competitor brands whether via Brand XYZ or ads trying to imbibe authority by featuring speakers from this org and that, dressed as doctors, dentists and other professionals. With today’s increasing competition, the challenge is to push creativity to the legal and moral extreme, and not to settle down with same old comparisons or appeal to authority, sympathy and power.

We admire companies with great commercials. To our eyes, they’re the ones that are good, witty. But to the informed consumers, this should point us to the good ad agencies who work with these companies. And I don’t have numbers to back me up, but I’m pretty sure, advertising is a very lucrative industry. And this is good news for advertisers, especially to those who dare to go out of the box, to touch on seemingly simple life experiences and succeed in making them appreciated, special and memorable.

PS. I hope to have more posts featuring more quality commercials from more brands.

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  1. excitedforchristmas says:

    It's the '-ber' months once again! Can't wait to see this year's version of “Holidays are Coming” by Coca-Cola!

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