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My Realistic Ideal Day: Financial Freedom

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I wake up at 7am and do my morning routine: eat a heavy breakfast while watching TV, whether it’s news or cartoons or the NBA Playoffs. Then take a dump and a bath, dress up, pack my stuff, and leave home, drive my car to ‘my office’.Many of us have a picture of our ideal day. Some idealistic, some realistic, some just outright out-of-this-world. I also have my own, and it’s actually leaning to the attainable type of ideal day. 

I’ve shared this with a few friends of mine, and I actually run the risk of revealing my true identity, of being identified, just by publishing this post. I’ll take my chances though. Being the pragmatic and simpleton that I am, here’s my ideal dream working day:

I hit the road, no traffic jams, no morning rush unlike everybody else. I’m not joining the “rat-race” to Makati as my Prof says. After a few minutes of leisurely driving, I pull over to my own parking slot and visit my business.

It can be any shop. A restaurant, a school, a service shop, a mall, a commercial center, whatever God blesses me with. Coming in, my staff greets me with an enthusiastic well-compensated good morning, then I’ll have a quick chat with my managers to get business updates and for any concerns they might have. Don’t get me wrong, I want to be hands-on in any business I’ll be running, but let’s face it there will be a point wherein I’ll have to delegate to reliable managers. Of course.

After this quick business meeting, I sit down in my corner office, open my laptop, connect to the business wifi, and check the stock market. I’ll be trading online for the rest of the morning. Check my portfolio vis-a-vis the market performance, be in the know with the latest trends, business news, movements and speculations. Bargain-hunting or profit taking depending on how the market behaves. In the process look for other investment vehicles and opportunities. FX, Bonds, deposits, real estate, buy other businesses. Lose some from time to time, but of course I have to win for most of the time.

I don’t just dream of becoming self-employed, I want to be a businessman (an employer) and an investor at the same time. Kiyosaki’s 3rd and 4th cash flow quadrants. He really influenced me big time!

As the market closes by noon, I’ll probably eat lunch with some of my staff (shifting you know), or have lunch with my wife (depends on what career she’s into or where she’s working), or lunch with a client or potential client/business partner.

After lunch I’m free to do what I want. Basketball with friends! More business meetings, watch UAAP games live, get an afternoon ciesta, etc. Power naps! Or go home and spend time with my children (assuming they’re already home from school). Or pick them up from school in the afternoon. Or write in blogs or finish the books I’m writing. If I feel like it, I can even teach part-time, like a 6-9pm class or a 3-unit class TTh in my beloved alma mater. I love it. Each day will not feel like working. Just living.

Relaxed, I own my time, and I get to do what I want while earning enough for my needs and wants. For my family, my self, and my extended family. In fact, the routine need not be strict. Just disciplined.

If I don’t feel like it, I can just stay home and watch NBA Finals and the stock market at the same time. Trade baskets and stocks. Get steals and open shots and bargains. Suffer cheap shots and hard fouls but emerge as the victor nonetheless. Join the crowd or be a step ahead. Life’s a game. A gamble. A calculated risk.

No more 8am-5pm job for me. No more joining the rat race to and from Makati or BGC or Ortigas day and night. No more managing up to my superiors, no more waiting for recognition or the next payday or the next salary increase or promotion. I’m my own boss (after God and my wife of course).

That’s financial freedom for me. I pray. For all of us! Someday. God bless us all!

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  2. Alfred Vincent Barba says:

    Ahhh…to live in the 3rd/4th Quadrant. My dream as well..

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