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On Hope, Trust and Drivers

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Do you consider yourself a trusting person? A hopeful person?

I just remembered bits of a Philo lecture covering hope, where it was said that all of us, in one way or another, are actually hoping and trusting, even without meaning or intending to be so. There are a lot of things out there that are beyond our control, and all that we can do is hope that it turns out for the better or for our good, that the world will remain in its course such that our future plans and hopes will materialize someday.

Like for any future plans you make, deep inside, you are actually hoping that you will still be alive by then, that the universe will conspire such that by your planned date, your planned something will come to fruition. You trust that other people will do what they must, or that they will keep you (or let you) live until then.

For parents out there whose children are of age to go to school. Such parents, whether they like it or not, will need to entrust their children to society, to the educational system, even to the manong driver who drives the school bus. The most paranoid parent can only do so much to protect his/her children but will nonetheless be limited. At one point, the parents will have to give in and give up their children to what-is, in hopes that circumstances will cooperate, and trust that their children are able enough, to take care of themselves.

Why all this philosophizing anyway? Nothing much.

Actually, I just  noticed that everytime I ride the shuttle (van, SUV, FX) going to Cubao (early morning) or on my way home (coming from work, 9pm-ish), at least 80% of the passengers are actually asleep for the duration of the trip. That includes me.

And being asleep means being in our most vulnerable, most defenseless. And that means we are at the mercy of the driver to make sure we are safe, and that we get to our (earthly) daily destinations. The rest of the passengers are sleeping as the driver drives by his lonesome. God give him a clear mind and stable hands.

Not that being awake will be much of a difference in case there’s an accident (knock on wood 3x). But at least, one can defend or protect himself if awake. If asleep, one may not awaken again in case something bad happens (knock on wood 3x).

And so drivers must realize that they carry a lot of lives and dreams with them, day in and day out. And to all the drivers out there, you better do your job right!

And for the rest of us (aside from driving responsibly as well), no matter how jaded or paranoid or stoic we are, there will always be that certain level of trust and hope within us, and that we need this in order to continue living. This we cannot deny. This we cannot let go of.

PS. How sure are you that the food you will eat tonight is safe? And that the air you breathe at this very moment is not poisoned?
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