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Why Filipinos Love to Text, Facebook and Write

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I love to write. I know I don’t have the best  grammar, sentence construction or the most interesting topics. Yet, I love to write. And let’s admit it, Filipinos love to write too.

Through writing, I get to express how I feel, say what I think, without the need for an audience, or without seeing the immediate reactions of an audience if I had one. This removes the fear of outright opposition.
Writing also removes the ‘stage fright‘. I get to present, ‘talk’ and explain my ideas without stammering or babbling, without the uhms and ahs. I get to compose myself since composition and presentation are not simultaneously real time. I get to correct myself even before I blurt it out.
Plus, I get to offer my two cents without thinking if there will be anyone who’ll take it. Fear of rejection. I just leave it there in my webspace, up for grabs. I need not care whether my audience is still with me, listening, or whether they’re bored already and wants me to cut short my presentation.
I also believe that Filipinos love to write, just the same way that Filipinos love texting (and not calling) and blogging, and social networking sites. I’ve seen the millions of Pinoy blogs out there, sharing and talking about this and that. Wanting to help out or just wanting to blurt out something. Mostly, this is driven by the fact that Filipinos are non-confrontational. Expressive but non-confrontational. And writing through above mentioned media is an effective way of expressing without confronting. No in-person interaction.
We have lots to say, lots of valid, emotion-laden ideas we want to share, but we’re too shy to say it directly and in person to our target audience. Instead, we prefer to voice it out via texting, Twitter, Facebook, blogging. Can still be read, message gets communicated, but via a medium. Not direct, non-confrontational.
And that’s what I’m doing. As the saying goes, if we want to leave a legacy, raise a child, plant a tree, write a book. I still have plans of writing my own book/s and translating into Filipino a few famous books (aside from raising my own children and planting many trees). But for now, I think writing a blog still counts as part of building my legacy. And it fits my non-confrontational nature.
PS. The more I immerse myself in blogging, the more overwhelmed I get with the massive volume of blogs and fresh entries out there, multiplying by the minute. Oh well, I just write to write I suppose and try my best on doing some SEOs. But kudos to those blogs that are already widely followed, locally and internationally.
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4 Responses

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  2. Anonymous says:

    The truth is Filipinos are insecure as hell. They fear rejection so much. That's why they always text instead of call. They are even afraid to look at people.

  3. pen_name says:

    Hi Ms Iowa,

    Thank you for your comment. Not sure if you got this statistic in this specific entry or maybe from this one:

    Anyway I'm sure it's easy to find out the countries with the most FB or Twitter users. It need not be a survey because I'm sure Facebook and Twitter (the companies) will have that information.

    Do you have doubts on it?

  4. Anonymous says:

    How n who did the statistic n what is the number of the population sample they use for the survey, that made us pinoy the 5th widthly user of FB n other sociel media….

    MS. IOWA

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