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Don’t have a term for it yet, but in Filipino I’d probably call it ‘nagkasalisi‘.

Remember the time when you were in gradeschool and you had this crush (assuming you’re in a coed school of course). So you tease him/her or discreetly shrink when s/he passes by. Or you make pasikat to get his/her attention. But eventually, you realize at such a young totoy/neneng age that it’s one-sided, s/he does not have a crush on you. So you move on, the feelings of admiration die down.

Then that’s when you find out, or hear, that you former crush actually has a crush on you (too!). Sudddenly, you’re in a limbo, do you revive those feelings of admiration? Or is it too late? Will there be a time that both of you has a crush on each other, at the same time?

Or we leave to fate the answer to the question of what might have been?
Yesterday, a friend asked me if I still hold BSC stocks. I said no, I sold it a long time ago when I needed the money for some other venture. Though I remember that I have mentioned to him my interest in BSC shares ever since 2007. And that finally I had a chance to buy early in 2011 at Php0.15 levels. For me the stock was undervalued that’s why I bought it. A few more months in 2011, I needed the money and had to sell BSC.

I actually had other options on what to sell, but BSC was not moving. The rest were growing so why kill them? As in. Very small movements at Php0.15 levels. And I’m not a tsupitero (see to capitalize on those. So I sold all my BSC holdings. Lost track of the stock from then on, did not seek any news or updates about the company. And so yesterday, a friend asked me.

I said I no longer hold BSC. Why? He said it’s now up to Php0.28. Wow. So what happened? I still do not know the reason why. Actually in stocks, you cannot always attribute 100% of the price movement into a single event, disclosure, or news. Don’t have the time lately to read any recent news on BSC or any disclosures. All I know is that it is now Php0.28. Whether purely speculative, or there’s really a sound basis is of secondary importance. A 15 to 28 movement is 187% gain. And at the minimum you are holding 1000 shares. So not bad right?

Who knows it can reach Php0.30 in the coming days. Just to recover my shock, and to regain my shattered stocks confidence, I said: I think I have the eye for undervalued and underperforming stocks (Modesty aside, I’ve had my fair share of success with JGS and AGI when they were Php3 and Php2 respectively). But I don’t always have the patience or luxury to wait for them. As if. Hehe.

So another runaway stock, then move on. Still, it lingers — what might have been?

PS. Finally had the time to check 3 days after this post. BSC fell to 0.24, then flew to 0.29. Still no news why though.
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