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First Time Long Time

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It’s been a while.

This is a first time long time for me to be writing a blog again. The last time I wrote one was way back in 2007. I remember back then, fresh from college and barely 3 months with my first job, the idealistic me wrote a blog entry on job satisfaction (or the lack of it)! The hell! Haha.

And look at me now, I am still with the company and maybe I got used to it. Hopefully this time, it (my blog writing) will be sustained as I take advantage of my increased mobility and with the help of some old school yet still cool gadgets. I’ve always wanted to write, I am more expressive this way. And I’ve always wanted to influence people (in a good way) and this is surely one way of doing it.

I’m used to observing things, of trying to reason out or make sense of what I see. I rarely share what I think and know though, and if I do, only to a select few who’d give a damn to listen to (or read) my thoughts. And ramblings.

Anyhow, I hope this blog will let me voice out my ideas and thoughts, and I hope that you as a reader will find value in it. I’ll write about my observations and insights about topics that interest me, though there is actually a thin line between my topics of interest and anything under the sun.

I’ll just try to be organised you know. For the most part, I’ll be writing via my mobile phone (naks!) as my laptop is yet to be bought (it’s actually the money that’s yet to arrive). So expect a lot of text heavy entries. Not yet too knowleadgable on graphic and photo-loaded colorful entries either.

But maybe I’ll get there. Or rather, I should get there.

So welcome to my yet another personal space in the world wide web. At least here my identity is masked. For the meantime.

Welcome to my site. Comments are welcome too!

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