High Yield Deposits

Much Better than Time Deposit: Corporate Bonds

Here's another investment option. This time these are bonds (liability of the company) instead of preferred shares (company selling part-ownership of the company). This one's being issued by SMC Global Power Holdings, which is a subsidiary of SMC, the one who issued the preferred shares we featured in March. [...]

May 29, 2016 // 0 Comments

Where Did The Php5K Retail Treasury Bonds (RTB) Go?

At such a high cut-off, it already deprives many retail investors of being able to invest in a low risk but slightly higher returns -- which could have been a great non-traumatic start for newbies. A classic case of richer people having more investment options while those who have less are stuck with riskier options. [...]

February 2, 2016 // 0 Comments

High Yield Deposits via AFPSLAI and PSSLAI

Simply because of the very high and competitive interest rates that are hard to come by. Such rates are hard to come by and achieve, even in a bullish stock market. Plus the risk is commensurately less for the possible earnings via interest and dividends. [...]

November 4, 2014 // 51 Comments