Ask Geri: Two OFWs Want to Invest; Another Juan Will Migrate

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I am an OFW for 7 years and wanting to settle in our homelands by venturing into a piggery business. I’d like to plot my business plan so may I know the details you have on costs per piglet, feeds and live weight in slaughter houses. I hope to hear your thoughts on this matter.

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Ask Geri: True Cost of Borrowing (Part 2): Diminishing Balance Amortization

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Not all loan providers offer this option. But from time to time I encounter this option especially for mortgage / home loans. If Juan is presented such an option and s/he can afford the amortization using diminishing balance, s/he should go for it to save some more on interest payments.

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Ask Geri: Investment Options for a College Student

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Whatever course you are in right now, your skills, marketability and time are all investments. As such make sure to hone your skills and talents while still in college, such that when you graduate, you either become an sought-for asset to a company, or a young competent leader of your businesses.

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Ask Geri: OFW Prepared for Death Expenses, Now How to Live?

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In a gist, VUL asks you to commit a monthly payment whether it is for the next 5, 7, 10 or 15 years. During this time, a portion goes to protection by guaranteeing an amount in case the owner dies, suffers disability or critical illness. Further a portion is invested in instruments that work like a Mutual Fund / UITF which grows exponentially over time. This fund is withdrawable for any use, such as eventual retirement, tuition fees, home purchase etc.

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Ask Geri: Should I Leave My Day Job and Start a Piggery?

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For me the time to quit my job is when my passive income stream is already way beyond my monthly wage as an employee. Some also quit their day jobs to focus on growing the business, but if you’re eyeing a piggery start-up, then it may not require full attention from you, especially if you don’t have much experience about it anyway.

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Jerry Asks Geri: Wanted Affordable Hog Feeds Supplier

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It’s good that you’re doing some numbers crunching before you dive into any business. The cost of feeds you quoted is indeed almost twice the price of what we’re getting in Batangas. And at the price we’re getting the feeds in Batangas, the returns were actually thin already (hence I have yet to return to piggery business as of this writing).

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Ask Geri: Where to Get Start-up Funds for Piggery Business?

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There are government agencies (such as department of agriculture) which can possibly offer start-up capital for livestock raising, especially if they want to promote this in certain areas such as the countryside. Not necessarily cash but they might have a program that gives away or lends piglets to help their countrymen.

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