Good News: ALI Bonds, FarmOn 14th Cycle, Basic Savings Accounts

FarmOn opened it’s 14th cycle yesterday. Ayala Land is offering bonds at 5.26% p.a. until April 21!

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Sharing with you some good news from the web:


Ayala Land (PSE:ALI) is offering bonds at 5.26% p.a until April 21 only!

Subject that to 20% tax and net yield is 4.21% per year for the next 10 years. Still not bad if your alternative is just bank time deposit or worse if your money is sleeping in your savings account. Also good for those who are looking to diversify.

Bottomline is if you’re not comfortable with higher return yet higher risk investments, then bonds might be for you. Do consider investing in bonds by checking our previous posts. Inquire about ALI Bonds with your preferred bank (if they have), usual minimum is PHP50K.

Find more details here: Got PHP50K? Lend to Ayala Land for 10 Years

Ayala Land Bonds


Speaking of bank accounts, BSP is eyeing a relaxation in requirements to open bank accounts to reach and to encourage the unbanked Juans or those who don’t have any bank accounts at all. The relaxed requirements will be on account opening such as IDs etc. Likewise, the plan is to have very low maintaining balances, fees etc or none at all. Initial target market for such basic accounts are the recipients of 4Ps  (Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program).


Hopefully this encourages more savings for more Filipinos given that only a small portion of our population have bank accounts. In a 2015 survey, it is said that only 43% Pinoy adults have savings (do you have savings?) of which 68% keep their money at home instead of putting it in banks (so they’re not even earning a measly savings account  interest, the money gets eaten either by inflation or by home pests!).

Eventually, with exposure to bank accounts and savings, with more comfort in handling money, this will also make online transactions, money transfers etc much easier for the used-to-be-unbanked. Then hopefully more Pinoys will be exposed to beginner investment options. It all starts with being comfortable dealing with banks, being comfortable with banking and online transactions, eventually to being more financially savvy in saving and handling money.

Really, if Juan wants to save himself from poverty, saving is the first step.

See more details here: BSP eyes “basic” accounts to attract unbanked


FarmOn, a crowdfunding platform investing in various agricultural and livestock produce up North opened it’s 14th cycle yesterday. As of last night,  their website is down most likely due to sudden surge in traffic from those who want to register.

FarmOn 14th

Checkout the ROI guides from FarmOn here. Membership is via referrals. Shoot us a personal message in FB if you are interested. Caveat emptor. We are not a part of the FarmOn team, we are also investors like you. Just giving you options to consider.

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May we all have richer lives!

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