SMDC Grace Residences Lily Turnover Updates

We are not irate or complaining. Impatiently excited yes. A few days or weeks delay is bearable, since we’ve been waiting for 4 years now, but with the right amount of pressure, hopefully the wait until 31Jan2017 won’t be necessary.

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The past few days, I’ve been seeing increased views and clicks on previous posts about Grace Residences, the latest of which you can read here. Perhaps dear readers are eager to hear about the good news as well. You are not alone.

From this June 5 article, I also commented that as of Dec 16 call to customer service, we were advised that turnover calls for residents of Lily (Tower 2) are about to start by mid-Dec2016. Tower 2 is scheduled for turnover by Dec2016. The customer service further mentioned that the calls and emails will start for lower floors first, upwards, but there is no guarantee that all floors will be turned over by Dec 31. 😦

December 2016 came and went, we are now 4 days into Jan 2017, and yours truly and the charitable Ilocana are still waiting for our own call and email. Our units are located in the middle floors of the midrise building and we are eagerly waiting for the call as we want to move in as soon as possible, to significantly lessen travel time, avoid daily traffic, and be able to pursue other worthwhile things (sleep, exercise, grow businesses, study stocks, blog, cuddle (eew)) instead of travel for hours just to get home. My Excel-based countdown, shown below, now features #VALUE and computation errors, originally based on counting down to Dec 31, 2016. It’s now negative 4 days haha!


Naturally we called SMDC customer service a couple of times to bug them about our units and pressure them, after all we are already done with our down payment, and actually paying a few months amortization already with our bank loans. Don’t get me wrong, we are not irate or complaining. Not yet. Impatiently excited yes. A few days or weeks delay is bearable, since we’ve been waiting for 4 years now, but with the right amount of pressure, hopefully the wait until 31Jan2017 won’t be necessary. We’re still okay given the horror stories we heard about other developers that were many years delayed in starting construction, worse in turnover, as the unit-owners already lost hope in seeing and using the units they invested in.

As of 03Jan2017 call to customer service, the latest advise is that indeed, turnover of lower floors have started. As for our units located in 9th to 12th floors, the units are already queued in Engineering department already for final unit inspections, after which will be immediately queued for customer service outbound calls and emails. The target, pegged on their system, for our units at least, is 31 Jan 2017.


So we wait again, but hopefully not until 31 Jan 2017. Still hoping to get that call within a few hours, days or a week from now. They say, the marathon (I don’t run by the way) gets hardest when Juan can already see the finish line. Psychological perhaps. Or that it is darkest just a few moments before dawn (this one I believe since it makes sense, physics-wise). So maybe the waiting gets a bit agitating when you can already sense Grace is coming in a while. Below is now the revised countdown, hopefully the last revision:


How about your unit? Still waiting or turned-over already? Let me know!

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33 Comments on SMDC Grace Residences Lily Turnover Updates

  1. Check ko lng din po if anyone got additional 84k as other charges, when I check on customer service they said it was due to the following:

    • Registration Fees
    • Documentary Stamp Tax
    • Transfer Fee Tax
    • Legal Fees
    • Installation of meters (Meralco and Manila Water Co.)
    • Facilitation Fee

    Now, my question, isn’t already part of other charges which is 111k in the original contract?


  2. Hi! We bought a unit at Lily tower 19th floor. Said unit was fully paid Dec 30,2016. Turn over of unit was supposed to be Jan 2017. Then emailed us and moved to March 2017 , then delayed again till April 2017. I received an email again that turn over is last week of May 2017. So disappointing! I just want to know to whom shall I file a complaint on this. The proper person / department to address so they can expedite turnover of our unit. I don’t trust them anymore on their target date of turnover of last week of May. I feel that they will delay this again. Please help. Thanks


    • mine also suppose to be turnover on the 3rdQ of this year. But I have idea why until now no mssg, mail, e-mail etc. from smdc. I live abroad when i contacted them only the answering machine is the one talking. My agent suppose to be giving me assistance left me alone in the process. Mahirap talaga. Tapos puro paasa lng smdc. turn out to be lies.


    • Hello Ms. Jenny. Same sentiments here. I was told at first that my unit will be turned over in Feb 2016. It’s April 2017 already and it’s not turned over yet. I’m really disappointed they’re not giving me any updates. I have to be the one to follow up always. So disappointing I will never recommend SMDC.


  3. This blog post is a Godsend, Geri! Thanks for this. I got a unit on the 21st floor of Lily tower, I was notified naman that it will be turned over on May pa. How sad. Have to pay for extra months condo rent in another place for the meantime.

    Re Working capital equal to 3 months of your condominium dues – where does this go to? Is it a fee upon move-in? Is this different from the actual monthly condo dues.

    Thanks in advance for your feedback, would-be neighbors!


  4. Rachel Kristine // March 11, 2017 at 9:21 am // Reply

    Hi. My unit was supposed to be turned over 2Nd week of December (Tower 2) but i keep on receiving notice every month that turn over date will be delayed for a month due to major constructions pa sa floor where my unit is at (19th floor). It’s been 3 months since the promised date of turn over and im really disappointed, frustrated, agitated. Called customer service and all they’d say is sorry. Now I’ve received another email telling me tentative turn over date will be end of April. I’m already at the point of giving up my unit, pero nanghihinayang naman ako sa mga naibayad ko sa downpayment. My mom lives in Tower 1, she didnt have the same problem as mine since re-opened unit yung binili niya ng cash. But her dilemma is paying monthly dues without enjoying the amenities which she’s paying for. Pool is not yet open to the public, playground for the kid’s isnt done yet, savemore which was supposed to open last December isnt even done with the construction yet. I hate to say it, but i guess I was wrong to choose SMDC, they wouldnt even offer transfer of units to the re-opened ones.


  5. Meron na pala fb group page for Grace Owners 🙂 Post naman po kayo ng pictures 🙂


  6. Safe naman sa West Valley Fault ang grace diba?


  7. I just had my unit turned over today. Piece of advice, lower your expectation so you won’t feel any regrets on your purchase. I acquired the unit November of 2016. Kudos to SMDC for hassle-free delivery although delayed by a month. Here are some of my thoughts:

    Unit size. The actual unit is bigger compared to the showroom. I was a bit anxious at first about the ceiling height but the height is maybe between 10 and feet. I got the 32 sqm unit which for me is spacious enough to accomodate a maximum of 10 pax at a time.

    Materials. 8/10 rating. I would have wanted the kitchen countertop (if I remember it right the material used is anti-microbial plastic fiber) to be at least ceramic slab but it’s not much of a turn-off since you can always have it replaced anytime at your own expense. You might want to set aside a little cash for the lightings as they use basic sockets and bulbs. Vinyl tiles for flooring and semi-gloss bath room tiles. I’m planning to change the flooring to large ceramic tiles to make the unit look bigger. Rain shower, provision for water heater and washing machine, cable (wall-mounted TV is advised) and internet ready, intercom to the lobby frontdesk, and oh I almost forgot about the bathroom sink! 2 words – very small! It’s like 2 legal-size-bond-paper-small sink! You may want to change that as well. They only allow filter-only, ductless range hood. It will lessen the odor when cooking but not the smoke. Only Split-type ACUs are allowed. Shower floor area is okay. Enough for 2 people if you want to be intimate with your SO. Lol.

    Enviroment. Lobbies are definitely deserves a thumbs up. Very spacious and well designed. Friendly staff all over the place. Hope it stays like this forever. There are still ongoing construction on the upper floors so give extra consideration on this matter. Please don’t complain about the dusty or wet floors at the hallways. It takes time for you to get an elevator ride so consider this when going to work so you won’t get a notice of tardiness from your boss. Hahaha. Hailing an Uber or Grab ride is fairly easy. Just let your driver know on the exact tower you are situated since the apps do not have this in their pick-up/drop-off options. You can also ask the front desk to get you a cab.

    Amenities. Only functional for now is the gym. The pools are only 4-feet deep. Explanation is that anything 5-feet and above would require a lifeguard on duty. I asked why not make it 4 feet 11 inches deep. I only received a laugh as a reply. 😞

    Requirements for turnover:
    1. Working capital equal to 3 months of your condominium dues. E.g. 95 per sqm x 32 sqm x 3 months = Pho 9,120. Note that this is not an advanced payment. You will still pay a pro-rated condominium fee at the end of the each month.
    2. Notice of Acceptance letter from SMDC.
    3. Valid ID

    Be ready to sign some papers. The actual turnover took about 1 hour and all my questions were answered. I was lucky to be the only one during the orientation so it was quick. Overall, I am happy with my purchase.

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    • *Lobbies definitely deserve a thumbs up.


    • Thanks for detailed review Vince! Very helpful.


      • Hi Geri!

        Are there available internet providers in Grace already? We are set to have our unit turned over next month. I usually work from home so Internet Connection is really of my concern.



        • Ethel none so far in tower 2. I heard PLDT and another one but right now no official news yet. I rely on my mobile data while at home and the signal gets weak once you’re in the hallway or inside the unit. Better signal if you stay out in the balcony.


      • Thanks Geri! 🙂 Hopefully magkaroon na kaagad. (And Cable too!)


        • Cable is via cablelink and cignal. Saw the cignal guys in the elev one time they said March 17 available na yung cignal. Not sure about cable link.


      • Had our unit turned over today. According to the PMO, Internet is already available (PLDT). Cable will be available by April. Water is 20/cu . It’s more expensive than what DMCI is charging us currently, (13pesos). Assoc dues is quite expensive (95 pesos). The basketball looks finished though according to the PMO it’s not yet ready. The gym looks good. Still a lot of construction going on so expect a lot of dusts.


    • Hi Vince, thanks for the review. Please let us know how your renovations are going later? Interested in the review of the contractors you will be using, My unit is in Tower 3 yet.


    • Thanks for the review sir! 😀 Saang side po kayo side? Di po ba mainit sa amenities view pag hapon?


      • Hi Paul. My unit is facing the Antipolo side which means I am getting most of the sun in the morning which I prefer and raised specifically to my agent during the site viewing. The amenities side can get a lot of sun in the afternoon especially those on the higher floors. There are some units though which are shaded by a portion of the tower. I don’t know where exactly your unit is but I suggest to plan counter measures if direct hit yung unit sa sun. Note though na bawal maglagay ng sun shades sa balcony so heavy drapes or curtains sa loob ng unit ang pwedeng solution.


      • @Vince,

        Sir sa last tower pa po ako 11th Floor, facing amenities po yong nakuha ko left side nong last tower pag nakaharap ka sa tower. Kahit po ba may balcony eh direct hit pa din ng sun sir?


        • For the last tower parang hindi na kasi may 2 towers pa before tower 4 so maybe may shadow cast effect. Yung pinaka-affected na units based sa nakita ko nung pumunta ako dun between 2 and 4 PM ay yung nasa tower 2 facing amenities. I saw units which are roughly at 45-degree angle with the sun’s beam enough for the latter to enter the unit. Not really hundred percent sure though. Maybe Geri has a better perspective since he has been staying in his unit for quite some time.


          • Im in Tower 2 facing BGC and basketball court. I get afternoon sun and sunset na pasok sa unit. Im fine with it though. Sunset view and minsan nakakapagpatuyo ng nilabhan sa loob ng unit haha.


    • I posted some of the pictures in FB and a video as well. Hope these help.


      • Thanks for sharing, Vince. It’s something to look forward to when Violet is up! Did you already find an interior decorator? Hope you share that too! Thanks again!


  8. Hi! I’m also a unit owner of Lily t2. Hope to meet you neighborhood this year and spend xmass in my new unit.


  9. I just received an email from SMDC that our units on the 10th floor will not be turned over until the end of March.


    • The turnover of our other unit on the 9th floor originally committed end of Feb has been delayed twice already.


    • Mine is also on the 10th and turned over today. You may want to check with SMDC if why so coz I don’t see anymore construction going on at this floor.


  10. Hi Geri, Alam ko matagal pa ang turnover ng unit ko, I will be staying in Violet. Any recommendations for kitchen cabinets? Stove install? The generic looking divider ng bedroom – any recommendations? In total, bare talaga ang unit! Do you have any pictures to share? Contractors? From the pictures that was sent to me by my realtor sa SMDC, the sample unit seems too small, but from what I read from one comment above, it is a little bigger.

    I live abroad so I do not see the units, this is actually my first time purchasing a unit in PI. Siguro impulse buying, but the price and location seems worth it.

    PS, I like this blog, it gives incite of what’s expected from the unit. Thanks!


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