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5 Investment Musts for Every Juan(3-min read)

Juan, I beg you, invest.

For your good, your family and this country.

Investing is not all about money, as most Filipinos might think. It does not even start and end with money. 

It may be likened to a ripple, starts within you and progresses outward, with bigger and wider reach. With seemingly infinite possibilities, cyclical, ever growing.

In Your Self

Start with your human capital. Educate your self and keep yourself healthy. Strengthen your spirituality, faith, inner psychology, character. Do your work well if you are employed, and learn a lot, at work, and more so outside work. Grow your skills and knowledge whichever field you are. Allot spare time to learn things outside your field. Look for your passion. Make yourself marketable and credit-worthy, hone lasting relationships, skills and connections.
As HR practitioners would say, even your human capital can become obsolete. So keep up. Study. Study investment options and business models available to you, build your financial IQ. Once you’re able, build your nest egg and protect yourself with life insurance. Just in case you run out of gas along the way, you want to leave your passengers in a better financial position.

In Time

Great things take time to build, like your self, your fortune and your future. Don’t waste the time that you have. Be productive, be ever-growing. Prepare for your retirement and eventual death NOW! Save up every amount you can and build your emergency cash in low risk deposits. Keep on planting, as Bo Sanchez would say. Explore passive income opportunities, those that give you extra income without putting a consistent effort to it, but by just giving it time to come and to grow. Such as affiliate marketing, referral income, networking (but not pyramiding), commission income, retailing and online selling, and later on dividends, rental and interest income.

In Money

Make you money grow for you. Make your money work for you. Make it multiply itself. Work hard yet work smart. Have the proper attitude towards money. Don’t just work for money, but again, have your money work for you. Slowly, explore higher risk yet higher yield investments. With an equipped self (financial literacy), coupled by time (investment horizon) and extra money, explore higher yield long-term deposits, UITF and mutual funds, then afterwards trade stocks in PSE.
Learn the power of good credit and leverage. Learn your way to success. You will fail a lot of times along the way, but with proper mind set, ongoing education, professional assistance, timing and patience, higher yields and growth are not impossible. If you still have more, consider real estate. Have your home and have decent shelter available to others.

In Juan Another

Once you are more capable, transition from employment to entrepreneurship (or do both simultaneously), while still keeping your passive income on the side. Create businesses and generate employment. Be your own boss eventually. Share your knowledge and wealth for a better trickle down effect. Help your family and other people improve their lives and eventually gain financial freedom. Nurture more relationships and connections. Dealing with business is not always easy, but again, nothing worth having comes so easily. Financial freedom comes at a cost, not expensive but at a reasonable cost.

In Your Country

Give back, share your blessings, pay it forward. Invest further in your country via PSE companies, generate employment via businesses, help your fellowmen via educating and guiding them, pay your dues properly and be vigilant to how it is used. Be proud of your country and change it such that you become more proud of it.
Any Juan can invest, and every Juan should invest. More funds, more fun for every Juan.
Investing is not such a big word. But it takes time and diskarte, so better start now

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