Daily Bread Challenge: May2013

Christ, the Rock, is the Foundation of Hope.

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And so we’re almost back to school, back to traffic jams, back to rainy season! But before we forget the busy and jampacked May2013, with the continuous home renovation (personal), the fast and surprising elections results, the NBA Playoffs! Let’s see the Daily Bread’s message to us. Enjoy!

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Day Bite-size Gist
No one can out sin the grace of God.
Pray. Pray for others too.
Our small things and concerns are great to God’s love. Our great things are small to His power. Pray that ‘Thy will be done.’
What is most important to us? Searching for life’s true meaning? Serve the Lord with commitment and live for Him day by day.
Christ, the Rock, is the Foundation of Hope.
Preach the Gospel through our daily lives.
Find the needed tools for every job in the Bible.
When God’s blessings make me think I don’t need Him, I am more needy than ever. I need God just as much when I’m being blessed as when I am in crisis.
Jesus Christ specializes in giving new life to those who seem to be beyond hope, dead in trespasses and sin.
Serving others help heal your grief.
God has chosen to bless others uniquely through you, and you do what no one else can do. But when He does use you, be careful to give Him all the glory. (AM+DG)
“I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”
Husbands, give 100% attention and respect to your wives.
A calm reasoned approach can stop anger in its tracks.
God sometimes takes us to troubled waters not to drown us but to cleanse us.
We sow the seed. God produces the harvest. Keep on planting. Harvest is coming. (Law of the Harvest by Bo Sanchez)
From naming stars to mending hearts, nothing is too hard for God.
Think before you act. Think twice before you speak.
A life of love pays better.
God is a God of comfort. No big trials for a big God.
Jesus will not only transform your losses into gains, but He will transform You!
When I long for God to communicate in ways I can see, hear, and feel, I need to remember that He is doing something even better. He is living in me, so that through my life the world will be able to see, hear and feel Him.
Jesus loves me!
The work Jesus accomplished for us, the Spirit now accomplishes in us.
God is faithful in doing His part. Are we faithful in doing ours?
When we find nothing left but God, we find that God is enough.
Worry can do a lot of things to you. Prayer can do a lot of things for you.
It doesn’t take great people to do great things. Just unselfish ones.

Mother Teresa: “We cannot do great things, only small things with great love.”

See God’s power and awesomeness in the thunderstorms.
God has intervened in the worlds problems, through Christ and through you.
We can be second-chance champions. Sinners who repent can be used by God.


Onwards to the middle of the year! As Francis Kong puts it, days and hours drag by slowly but months and years just fly by quickly. Something to that effect. Haha. How true!
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