SM Montalban: Montalban Development Plan

SM City Rodriguez: Naks I already have the name. Please SM, build a mall in Montalban. They say all the lands touched by Henry Sy via SM appreciated in value so please do consider building one in Montalban

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Rodriguez, Rizal, more commonly known as Montalban, is a developing urban place. Subdivisions and housings have sprouted here and there, and based from a wikipedia entry, Montalban is the 8th richest municipality in the country. I listed here 3 of my wishlists for the town which I think will be beneficial to its local economy and residents (and given that I have vested interests when it comes to appreciation of its land value).

1. Rodriguez City: Not sure if the technical specs of the Montalban already meets the qualifications for a town to become a city (in terms of revenue, population etc) but I do hope that Montalban becomes a city in the next few years. Local government should aim for this to invite more residents and investors, to further spur the growth of its economy.

2. Improve Public Transport: There are 3 major roads to reach Montalban: via Marikina, Batasan and Litex. Montalban has a growing population and workforce, and I believe majority actually work in NCR (QC, Manila, Makati, Ortigas areas) so the need for better public transport is high. Possible road extensions and widening is a bit limited for the town, but it won’t hurt if we have more legitimate PUVs instead of the sneaky colorum (non-yellow plate, out-of-line) ones. The current count of franchised public transport is not enough to service the volume of commuters that is why colorum vehicles abound. So why not give these colorums a better opportunity to have actual franchised lines? Also, sorry but we need to lessen the tricycles plying the highways. They clog the streets!!!

3. SM City Rodriguez: Naks I already have the name. Please SM, build a mall in Montalban. They say all the lands touched by Henry Sy via SM appreciated in value so please do consider building one in Montalban. As of this writing, we have Montalban Town Center and Puregold is being constructed nearby. There is still a wide piece of land just a few meters away from these establishments waiting for SM. A department store and 4 cinemas will be perfect. Concerned about the fault line? I don’t think so. Fault line runs across NCR and even reaches Tagaytay! Additional traffic? #2 should handle that. And hopefully with more malls, comes along more ATMs! If you’ve seen the ATM lines for BPI and BDO, always box-office.

So there. I hope this entry finds its way to the authorities.

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6 Comments on SM Montalban: Montalban Development Plan

  1. Superbly written article, if only all offered the same content as you, the internet would be a far better place..
    Personal Development Plan


  2. di na pinayagan yan ng ating pamahalaan yan….papatayin nyan ang mga maliliit na negosyo ng palengke at mga sub urban small businesses..ang lapit na ng san mateo and it will cause a big problem for the traffic in our Place…that’s my opinion..and really going to happen and only the rich will be the richer..kasi monomonopolized nya isa pa halos lahat ng trabahador puro contractual lang naman,,,,dadami lalao ang basura if they don’t have proper dumping on it..


    • Hi. Actually po wish list ko lang ito many years back nung maliit pa MTC at wala pang 2 Puregold. I don’t hear of plans na magkaSM sa Montalban. May news po ba?


  3. SM will just worsen the already poor traffic condition in San Mateo. Corrupt officials? Your mayor and vice mayor are husband and wife. Property prices? Why are there decent properties in San Mateo, the subdivisions with narrow roads? Montalban is actually richer than San Mateo.


  4. sm san mateo is opening soon, i guess by june 2015. real estate value in san mateo significantly increase and possible become a city. compare to montalban with corrupt public officials and relocation of non productive population.


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